Working with Cloudflare

Cloudflare as the CDN and managing DNS

Steps to be followed for enabling HTTPS

  1. Find the loadbalancer CNAME that has been provisioned as a part of the environment setup by navigating to the Domains section of that environment. This can also be done using the cli
Loadbalancer configurationLoadbalancer configuration

Loadbalancer configuration

  1. Add loadbalancer as a CNAME in the DNS for all the domains you want provisioned in that environment. You can use wildcard domains like * as well
  2. Enable Full SSL mode (non-strict) as per this article. This ensures traffic is secure all the way until the loadbalancer receives the traffic.
    Advanced Note: If you are using non-standard ports (other than 443) serving HTTP traffic, please refer to this article

For passing custom headers to your application, please refer to this guide