art - cli

All the commands for the CLI are listed here.


Brew package manager can be used to install art.
Linux and macOS are supported. The CLI works with windows but support is unverified.

brew install argonautdev/tap/art

Configure art

We need to add keys to art to authenticate you when sending requests, go to manage > click on Show button > click on Personal Tokens tab > click on Generate Tokens. Now in terminal, run

art configure

When asked for key enter the clientId and when asked for secret paste in the secret.
Art will do a test authentication, which should be successful

Making requests with art

To make requests we first need to create a specific yaml file. We can auto
generate this file by using the generate-config command which is a command for
all the root level commands like env, tool, domain, etc.
For example making a request to create a new environment with 1 vpc, cluster and
node groups would look like this.

# Generate config
art env generate-config
# Creates a env.yaml file
# Edit the file add the specs you want your cluster and node group to have
vim env.yaml
# This will create env will the specs provided and also show terraform logs
art env create -f env.yaml

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