Helm Charts

Deploy any helm chart you find in the wild!

Helm and helm charts are a brilliant way of packaging an application and the relevant configuration in the kubernetes world. These charts can be versioned and distributed for broader access and collaboration.
Access to the rich kubernetes ecosystem is one of the many benefits Argonaut provides seamlessly.
Applications deployed using Argonaut are automatically packaged helm charts under the hood.

How to deploy any helm chart

Let's go over the example of installing a helm chart for nginx from bitnami into an environment named dev

  1. Go to List of Apps > New App > Custom App
Install any helm chart to ArgonautInstall any helm chart to Argonaut

Install any helm chart to Argonaut

  1. Select the cluster and namespace the helm chart needs to be deployed to. For an environment named dev, this should be dev and dev in most cases.
  2. Release Name is the name of that instance of the application.
  3. Repo URL is the URL of the helm chart repo. For bitnami/nginx that would be https://charts.bitnami.com/bitnami
  4. Chart Name is the name of the specific chart in the helm chart repo. That is nginx
  5. Version is an optional parameter for fetching a specific version of the helm chart for installation
  6. Load values.yaml file to fetch the default configuration and make modifications before deploying.
  7. Click Install custom

Wait until the deployment completes to see the application along with the rest of the deployed apps in that environment.